Where Does the Waste Go After You Dispose It in a Skip Hire?

Hiring a skip is the best approach to dispose of the waste. Skips get filled with different waste materials like construction materials, general waste, garden waste, etc. But very few of us know where these wastes go after disposal. Usually, services for skip hire in Carshalton dump these materials in the waste transfer station. After that, various processes are carried out to ensure the waste is recycled.

What is Sorting?

The skip is transported to a transfer station once it’s filled. Thereafter, the sorting process begins. During this process, waste components are separated into non-recyclable and recyclable materials. The objective of sorting is to recycle the maximum amount of waste. It will prevent the waste from getting dumped into landfill sites.

How is Sorting Conducted?

In most cases, the sorting of waste materials is done by mechanised equipment. However, hand-picking is also common. Generally, the bigger skip firms use high-end machinery like magnets and trammers bowels.

Why is Sorting Important?

Sorting the waste helps to detect the materials that can be easily recycled. It will facilitate ethical waste disposal. It’s important to probe into the waste disposal methods of skip hire companies. This way, you can ensure that you have hired the right company.

What Happens to Recyclable Skip Waste?

As the name suggests, recyclable skip waste can be recycled using specialised machinery. Some common recyclable wastes include wood, metal, plastic, rubble, soil, plasterboard, garden waste, PVC windows, aluminium, etc. These products are smelted down and reused to create new items. Some materials are also used to produce energy.

What Happens to Non-Recyclable Waste?

Not every waste is recyclable. Non-recyclable wastes are difficult to deal with. They are a threat to the environment. Hence, governments and regulatory bodies of various nations have advised the common masses not to use these products. Using their sustainable alternatives will be the better option in this regard. Non-recyclable items include polystyrene, bioplastics, and upholstered seating.

What Happens to Harmful Waste?

You mustn’t put hazardous materials in the skip. These materials include types, electrical items, batteries, chemicals, asbestos, medical waste, oil/petrol/diesel, gas cylinders, etc. These hazardous waste materials are dealt with by professional waste management companies.Are you looking for reliable skip hire in Carshalton? If you feel so, your search ends with Alpha Skip Hire. We have been in the business for several years and served numerous domestic and commercial clients. We offer different skip sizes for your convenience and deliver and collect the skip at allocated times.

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