Know Few Facts About Waste Disposal Before Hiring A Skip

People through a large number of bags, packets, cups and empty cartons in the waste bin every day. With so many companies offering skip hire services, removing accumulated waste from your property has become easier. Most of the service providers offer a wide variety of skips, so you can choose one according to your waste disposal needs. Though hiring a skip is an easy task, most people don’t even know where the waste goes after disposal.

Unless the waste is recycled, they are generally taken to incineration or a landfill. Both are harmful as incineration releases mercury, cadmium, toxic dioxins and other harmful particles into the air before converting the waste material into toxic ash. There are a few more facts about waste disposal which you should know if you want to choose the right skip.

Planning To Hire A Skip? Few Facts About Waste Disposal Have Been Stated Below

The Contribution Of Bottled Water Is Immense
Bottled or packaged drinking water is largely responsible for industrial waste. Environmentalists treat them as one of the most wasteful products in an industry. More than 80% of plastic bottles end up in landfills. It takes around 1000 years for a bottle to decompose. Almost a million tons of discarded plastic bottles are in the U.K. landfills.

Toys Are Not A Waste
It is quite common for parents with little children to throw away old and broken toys by hiring skips regularly. They believe that toys are of no use once their children grow up. Stop treating toys as a waste if you don’t want to spend more on skip hire services than required. You can consider buying fewer toys and handing over the used ones to small children. The objective is to lower the amount of waste generated and reduce its impact on the environment.

Plastic Bags Are Harmful
Everyone is aware of the harmful effect of waste plastic bags nowadays. There are considered one of the most common types of garbage found on beaches worldwide. They are neither recyclable nor environment-friendly. Though plastic bags are used for various purposes, you should replace those with paper shopping bags.

If you want to ease the process of waste disposal, get in touch with a reputable company offering skip hire services. Alpha Skip Hire has more than 15 years of experience in catering to the waste disposal needs of domestic and commercial clients.

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