Know About the Types of Skip Hire Service

For efficient waste management, hiring a skip saves both time and money. It is designed for specialised waste management, so that you can keep your surroundings clean. Be it household waste, kitchen or garden waste, the skip bins are useful in accommodating massive quantity of garbage. Consult the skip hire company to get a suitable skip of the perfect size.

What are Skip Hire Services?

Skip hires are one of the best ways to manage waste. It is a large trash collecting container, open topped, with certain features and design elements. You can throw trash or garbage inside these bins after which the operatives will remove it.

The waste removal companies rent out the skip bins, as per the customer’s requirement. They leave the skip on the streets so that people can avail it conveniently. Instead of a truck collecting trash per house, these skips are suitable for efficient waste disposal.

You can also rent a skip for your personal use. Suppose you are doing a deep cleaning of your home and have plenty of garbage bags to throw, use the skip bins. Place it on the driveway or on the street side to make your task easy.

Why Do You Need Skip Hire?

• Spring cleaning, garden renovation with plenty of rubbish matter to dispose
• At construction sites to dispose off dirt and debris
• While redesigning the office space or during office removal
• Safe and convenient than public waste disposal systems
• Ensure environment friendly means of garbage discarding

Types of Skip Hires

Skip Hires are available in different shapes and size.

  1. Mini Skips – They are small in size and is perfect for disposing domestic and household waste. You can get them in sizes of 2, 3 and 4 yards. They are capable of accommodating 40 bags of waste matter.
  2. Midi Skips – This type of skip bin is 6-8 yards in size. You can use them at construction sites to discard heavy duty rubbish material. You can easily accommodate 70-80 bags of waste matter inside them.
  3. Industrial/Large Skips – Meant for commercial waste disposal, you can use it in industrial settings and demolition projects. They are durable and safe to dispose hazardous waste matter. They are highly sturdy and reliable, capable of withstanding maximum quantity garbage. Get them in sizes of 12-16 yards.
  4. Roll on and off skips – It is a large waste container meant to dispose huge quantities of waste. It is easily accessible, and you can smoothly transport it from one location to another. They are spacious and cost effective. Some of these skips come with lids for tight closure.

For more information, visit Alpha Skip Hire for their wide and reliable skip hire services. They sell skips of all sizes, including roll on and roll of bins.

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